Hello, my name is Jeremy, and I love making strings! For any who are interested, let me tell you a little about our business.

This small family business began with my obsession with yo-yos and yo-yo strings. I had purchased so many different brands of polyester strings, and while all of them did their job, for the most part, I never stopped searching for the perfect poly string. I recall the constant conversations in my head, as I would try out new strings; "I wish these were a little more firm; Hmmmm...these would be great if they could whip a little faster; I wish that these played more consistent; I wish these didn't go limp so quickly", and the list goes on.

Our strings are a byproduct of 1), countless hours and long nights - trying to make the perfect performing polyester yo-yo string, and 2), the desire to make this a family affair. Doing something I'm passionate about with the people I love has to be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things I can think to do with my time!

After much research and experimentation with string tension and journaling my discoveries about various thread types, and after many failed trial runs, I reached one of those "Eureka!" moments, which stopped me dead in my tracks. I suddenly realized that I was able to pull off a couple of bind tricks that were almost always difficult to do with the specific yo-yo I was using for testing. Shortly after this discovery, I tried the same binds again, and again, flawlessly, and before I knew it, I got the chills up my spine, "THIS IS THE ONE!!!" After additional trials and tweaks, this string formula became the basis for how all the ZipLine Strings are now made.

I come up with the formulas, spin the strings, and do lots of testing. My wife, Danielle, helps with part of this process, but also helps add the finishing touches and searches for quality issues/glitches. With our two daughters, Kaylee and Adysen, we work together to button up our product - snipping, tying, writing cards, packaging, and shipping :)

Our intention isn't to compete with bulk polyester string manufactures, and we do not have plans to sell in bulk at this time, simply because we're a small business that can only handle producing in small quantities. Our goal is to make a premium quality polyester yo-yo string that feels familiar, yet different enough to feel special, and is able to excel in a way of extended performance. Furthermore, if we can produce a five pack of strings that will hang tough with a 10 pack of bulk poly, we'll take that as a win!

This is a product made with our own hands, using high quality materials, and accomplished with a great deal of love and attention. We plan to always make it a point to offer something more than just the strings themselves by making each order special - giving each a personal touch. We believe that this extra effort will make all the difference.

Much Love,


If your world is on a string, that string better last.