After many requests and suggestions to carry nylon strings, we decided to start experimenting with new nylon materials. We took our time, and these started out as a personal side project, but it then turned into another obsession. We currently have 2 different formulas of our Nylon/Polyester blends. SkyLine Classic, and SkyLine PRIME.

Whether or not you're into nylon strings, any of these will be a treat to at least check out. 100% nylon strings generally have a very slick, stretchy, and/or spongy quality about them, but the addition of our poly core thread is a real game changer. Our polyester adds just the right amount of density, and reduces the elastic properties of the nylon tread. What's all this mean? Well, simply put, these strings just perform a bit more predictably than if we were to use 100% nylon. The density and thickness are a bit more similar to our poly blends, and it's much less stretchy than you'd expect from nylon, while keeping much of the ultra whippiness that nylon is known for. Both of our SkyLine blends last a stupid long time and aren't prone to the same level fraying as pure polyester strings.

Why are these so expensive? Well, they are much more labor intensive to make and the material is nearly 71% more expensive than bulk poly. We just can't get away from this expense - it's painfully true.

As with all of our nylon blends, we suggest that you be careful with your finger loops. We strongly suggest that you use a double slip knot for your loop or use some type of anti-slip string rosin, such as ZipLine Loopstick, to prevent your string loop from accidentally slipping off from your throw hand. We're serious - we've seen it happen!

SkyLine Classic is slick, insanely whippy, and has fairly low elasticity. It starts off a little more ridged, but breaks in nicely - offering a very smooth feel across your fingers. After break-in, you'll find the whip to be a bit more predictable and controllable, but beforehand it's crazy fast and air cutting.

SkyLine Classic feels premium and classy, as well as being very dressy and photogenic, due to its low lint and low fraying qualities. We're always poly fans at heart, but we find these to be pretty cool and refreshing when you're just looking to shake things up and discover different possibilities that nylon offers.

SkyLine PRIME feel quite a bit different. For one, these go through a hand dying process, in addition to washing, drying, stretching, and additional treatments to reduce some of the slickness and whippiness found in our SkyLine Classic blend. These processes allow us carry custom neon colors, and help change how they feel and perform. Instead of being slick and ridged, they are much more soft and have more elasticity to them. Although our poly core thread does reduce the bounce compared to 100% nylon twists, we use 2 strands less core poly than normal, which does allow a little more apparent stretch.

The dye/treatment process does reduce the string length by a few inches, so we suggest that you give these a good amount of stretching before lacing up. Make your finger loop measurement while the string is fully stretched rather than while the string resting fresh, otherwise you're string will end up a bit too long. After a good pre-stretch and a few tosses, the elasticity should settle into what the string is intended to be, and you'll enjoy it much more.

The goal with the PRIME was to create a premium performing nylon/poly hybrid string with attributes of being less slick and less insanely whippy than our previous blend. The slacks and whips needed to be much more predicable and feel more natural than with our previous blend as well. We really wanted these to behave somewhere between our SkyLine Classic and our full polyester strings, and we strongly feel that we achieved the objectives we set for SkyLine PRIME. We hope that you'll be as impressed with these as we are :)

ZipLine Strings are categorized into 5 main groups (Editions):

          Slushy Edition (Fun • Whippy • Grippy • Long Lasting)

          Business Class Edition (Elegant • Classy • Smooth • Flowy)

          Performance Edition (Consistent • Visible • Suited for Extended Play)

          Signature Edition (Custom Colorways and/or Blends Suited to Our Team)

          SkyLine Edition (Premium Nylon/Polyester • Super Boutiqe Blends)

When this all began, we only planned on making one type of string and put our energy into producing the ‘Slushy Pack’, but after a while, I felt that this was a bit constraining, and so I set out to explore other thread types and developed new blends, which could cover a broader range of play.


SkyLine Edition

ultra boutique nylon/polyester blends